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About The Time Lord Name Generator

Voyagers in time and space, unite! Create Time Lord names for the worlds of Doctor Who with the unofficial Time Lord name generator! Generate random names, or choose a unique Time Lord name based on your own name. It's great for Doctor Who tabletop roleplaying games (RPGs) and online multiplayer games (MMORPGs), or just for fun!
This name generator is inspired by the long-running TV show "Doctor Who" in which a Gallifreyan time traveller voyages through space and time in his time machine, the TARDIS. On his travels throughout eternity, the Doctor meets a number of other renegade Time Lords from Gallifrey, and they have inspired this Time Lord name generator. We have tried to keep the Time Lord names as realistic and true to the Doctor Who universe as possible, whilst adding plenty of variety and colour to make a name generator that's fun, accurate and entertaining.
If you like the brilliant background cartoon of Matt Smith, it's courtesy of Demon Tomato Dave from YouTube and Dumpy Little Robot and used with permission.
Please note: this is a fan commentary page intended to encourage interest in Doctor Who. The Time Lord name generator is not an official publication and is not in any way affiliated with or endorsed by Doctor Who, The BBC, or any of their licensees. Copyrights and trademarks for the TV series, film, books, articles, toys, and other promotional materials are held by their respective owners and reference to them is allowed under the fair use clause of copyright law. This Time Lord name generator is in no way intended to harm or undermine the market value of Doctor Who or The BBC, rather to encourage fans to engage with and seek out works set in the Doctor Who universe.